Huawei Smartphones Mobiltelefone Handys

Huawei Emobile H12HW
Huawei Plusfon 603i
Huawei TMN U125
Huawei U1000
Huawei U1000s
Huawei U120
Huawei U120e
Huawei 401i
Huawei U121
Huawei U1220s
Huawei U1250
Huawei U1251
Huawei U1270
Huawei U1280
Huawei U1285
Huawei U1310
Huawei U3100
Huawei U3200
Huawei U3200-9
Huawei U3209
Huawei U3205
Huawei U5110
Huawei U5700
Huawei U5707
Huawei U5900
Huawei U5900s
Huawei U7300
Huawei U7310
Huawei U7510
Huawei U7510s
Huawei U7517
Huawei U7519
Huawei U7520
Huawei U8100
Huawei U8100-5
Huawei U8105
Huawei U8107
Huawei U8109
Huawei U8110 T-Mobile Pulse mini Android
Huawei U8150 IDEOS (T-Mobile comet)
Huawei U8160 / Vodafone 858 Smart
Huawei U8180 / X1
Huawei U8220
Huawei U8230
Huawei U8300
Huawei U8500
Huawei U8530 / Orange Barcelona
Huawei U9105
Huawei U9120
Huawei UM840
Orange Malibu
Vodafone 715
Vodafone 716
Vodafone 720
Vodafone 725
Vodafone 736
Vodafone 810
Vodafone 840 3G Touth
Vodafone 845 Android
Vodafone V830

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